AL-13 Base Simulator


The finest Aluminium Simulation Rig Available in South Africa.
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A complete and highly secure Simulation Chassis. The AL13 takes a minimalistic approach to an already common and over produced design.

This Simulation Rig is the definition of clean and secure. All pieces join together with a tension locking system, meaning you and you alone will only require one simple tool to construct.

This Simulator is highly customisable, ask us about some options.

Comes with black end caps as standard.

There is no seat or mounts that come couple with this Rig. Please ask about our our bundles, or our seat options

You can’t beat the simple, elegant, yet functional design of the AL-13. No need for multiple tools or a small army to assist.

Our rig can be built solo in no less than 20minutes.

Gt3/Rally Seating Position.

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